Thursday, January 18, 2007

Buffin' the wood at The Balmar

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Yeah dog, The Collector helped the BarBlogger break in his new wood. She handle's great! The drinks, were 1 mediocre, 1 good.

Read all about it.


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Less than pleasant at Hattie's Hat

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The Collector and I went over to Hattie's Hat for a less than pleasnt experience - a cold breeze - a misinformed/mistimed staff and harder than ass seating.

Read this and more -


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Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Year's info and

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I've got a new blog forum posted on my site! Also, New Years 2007 info!

SeattleBarBlog Forum
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Monday, June 05, 2006

The NEW SeattleBarBlog

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The time has come folks...

I'm starting to roll all this info onto my website,

Check it out, it's going to have all the great blogs, reviews and site features without the limitations of blogspot. I am going to add all kinds of search capabilites, with space to add your own reviews and topics, exchanges, etc.

I'm not taking this one down at anytime, but the new one will be MUCH better. It's just a baby right now, with much much more to be added.
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Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo in Seattle

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Plain and simple:

Mission Bar - Drinks and specials - noon to 2am. Beer specials, $5 food, DJ 6-1am
2325 California Ave SW

Bimbos - $2 tacos, $ tequila, $2 Tecates, and Cha Cha Lounge open at noon
506 E Pine

Rosita's - Happy hour 4-6, 9-close - coupons on website

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There's a taste of the Seattle Cinco action for ya. Pick up a copy of the Seattle Weekly for more.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm back and new reviews coming soon

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Two things:

1 - I've got a few reviews ready to go very soon and a few new stories coming very soon, including recent visits to Viceroy, Peoples Pub and Balmar (some stories for ya) and reviews including a well hidden Greenlake watering hole, "Latona Pub"

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2 - HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY -> L J <- !
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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Congratulations Bothell!

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Out of all the cities I get hits from the most, BOTHELL, WA is the big winner. This can also be Lynnwood, or Mill Creek as stats are sometimes vague. Thanks for loving me out in Bothell!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


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Headed out on 3/14/06 - Don't forget to visit the new project,

It's a decent happy hour folks...
The hours of happiness are 5pm - 8pm
The days are apparently Everyday
The deals are $3 Well Drinks, and $1 off top shelf
The out of pocket expense is average or slightly below average

Parking is all meters, in addition to a few pay parking lots that can be found within 2-3 blocks.

The Service was slightly better than average, granted it was only a Tuesday night. I wouldn't say they were overly friendly, but then again I have yet to meet a bartender in Belltown who was anything more than stoic.

Food wasn't to be found.

The drink menu sampling includes such drink as Gainsbourg, Devils shore, and Ambrosia, no not the 80's band, but apparently champagne, calvados and brandy over ice.
Champagne such as: Il Mionetto Prosecco, Mont Marcal cava brut rose
Wine assortment of Whites and Reds
Beer such as Bud, High life, and Stella
Again, all are moderatley priced.

The Atmosphere was dark, very dimly lit. I don't mean to say it's gothic or anything like that, its just old school dark, before dark was ruined by goths. I suppose its conducive to mingling since there is a good amount of open style seating, but a little on the small side.

The Restrooms were clean, BUT there was nothing to dry my hands on. No towels, no blower. Also, as I was trying to check myself in the mirror, I really couldn't because they're all kind of bendy and distorted, and no not due to drunkenness. They are the same outside the restroom, but I would prefer something more usable in the bathroom.

The Drinks were decent. I had on Pilsner Urquell and one Tom Collins.

The Smoking area seems to be something I need to include now, although I am PRO the smoking ban. It's easily accessible via a sliding glass door. It's almost a continuation of the place, just outside through a huge window wall. It lets in too much smoke, so there's the downside.

The only recreation is the drinking. There's no pool table or darts, so get ready to mingle, drink, passout, gawk, drink, gawk and drink, call cab.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Post St. Patrick's Day greeting

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Hope you all had a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day/Night. I know I did. I spent mine at the Garage and at a friend's party. Tales of both to follow.

Thanks for the comments and questions from this past weekend. Details of those are to follow as well.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Patrick's Day in Seattle

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You're in Seattle, and you're wondering about St. Patrick's day, right?

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First off, let me guide you to some Irish/Irish friendly places that I've reviewed:
1. The Old Peculiar
2. Clever Dunne's
3. The People's Pub
4. The Lock and Keel

Other places I've reviewed and are top picks to enjoy this evening out are:
1. Nectar Lounge
2. The Triangle Lounge
3. The Red Door
4. The Matador
5. Jillian's

Or, you can surf me blarg and find something to your liking.

Remember, you want to wake up alive tomorrow, so please DRINK IN MODERATION.
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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Behind the review of Chopstix

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Click here for the review of Chopsitx (dueling piano bar)

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MMMmm a dirty girlscout, a Georgia Peach and a hypotini (featuring of course Hypnotiq Vodka). Oh, that girlscout was dirty, so small, green, a little brown at the bottom. Tasted as good as it looked. The dirty girlscout was the best shot on the menu and went down smooth.

The funnest and best thing about the dirtygirlscout is ordering it. I waved the waitress down and said (trying not to laugh), "can I get a dirty girlscout?" and she said why sure you can! She was so happy, I think I made her day. I mean, come on, how many times does one say that? I dare you to say!

Georgia Peach is fun to order to, although more subdued. Can I have a Georgia Peach? Or, Please bring me a Georgia Peach. They do grow 'em right nice in the South.

As mentioned in the review, the house specialties are cool too. Test tube shots, ok. Large Pump-style jello shots, as in squirt-into-your-mouth are even funner. I saw people get it squirted into them, suck it in, and do it double ended, as in 2 pumps facing away from each other with a mouth on each end. Very nice.

The jaunt to Chopstix was much anticipated and planned for. I was to be there no later than 7pm. I just stuck around on Capial hill for a little while, ate something, got some cash from the ATM and drove on down.

Do yourself a favor, don't go there when there's a Sonics game or some other major event. If you do, bring an extra $20. Why? Well, you'll need $10 for parking at a garage or lot, and $10 for a nice extra strong drink when you get there after driving, and get the $10 you just paid some freak off your mind.

If you get there at 7 or there abouts, it'll work, more towards 8 and beyond, you'll be waiting in a line. After I got in my eyes wandered helplessly, looking for the crew, but don't fret old friend (or new), I soon found them. Seems Francis had an inside track because she orderd a big old plate of nachos and got them about a minute later. I looked around and the place seemed nice, lots of black and red and quickly filling up with women of all ages.

The drinks I had were pretty good. Not all that strong, but not weak either. Everyone seemed to enjoy their drinks, so that's a good sign. Request a song or tow right way and put a few dollars down with each one to ensure it gets played.

That place was really fun, so grab a group of friends, coworkers, strangers, inbreeders, gentically modified freaks, or even your imaginary friend. Just get your butt down there.

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Chopstix (dueling piano bar)

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Headed out on 3/10/2006

5 p.m. - 1:30 a.m, Tuesday - Saturday.

Once again, another place where I didn't see any happy hour and there's no information on the website. So, I'll tell you what I can.

The service was very friendly, but a little slow. But, it was very busy that night.
The out of pocket expense was slightly above average.
The atmosphere is party, audience participation and maybe just a little hipster.
The restrooms were clean.

Ok, so lets get down to it.

They will play any song you want, but if you don't write your request down WITH some green backs to back it up, it's not going to get played.

Get there early. For example, I was there on a Friday night, and the dueling pianos started at 8. So, I got there at 7, and there was already a small line. As the hours passed, the line only became longer.

The menu sampling...
Beer of course with Bud, Bud light, Corona, Fat Tire, Pyramid, Red Hook
12 wines, 3 Champagnes
4 appetizers such as Hummus and nachos
2 salads
8 entrees such as Coconut orange chicken, shrimp, steak, and pasta with vegetables.
2 Desserts
Pepsi products, coffee and water

Lets not forget they have something very special with seperates this Seattle bar from other Seattle bars. They have jello shots in a plastic jumbo hypadermic needle looking thing, again, it's plastic. The other thing is they have shots in test tubes which also sold pretty well.

The parking is pretty difficult, but there is plenty of pay parking in the area.

The seating is pretty varied and the room is pretty much an L formation, the pianos being at the bend.

More Detailts:
There is a cover most nights ($7), but not Thursday. There is a good varitey of seating. You can sit at the bar, at 2-4 person tables, random stools and 8 person tables. You may start out sitting, but eventually almost everyone is standing on and off.

This is a really fun place. They invite people to get up by the pianos (and in some cases on) to sing and dance to the music. The best part of the whole night was when one of the bartenders got up and the backup music to "The Humpy Dance" played. Then, the waiter did the best rap ever of the humpty dance, oh man was the funniest EVER!

Go with a group, it's lots of fun. I'll be back.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Balmar (The Balmar)

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Once again, another place where I didn't see any happy hour and there's no information on the website. So, I'll tell you what I can.

The service was good and quick.
The out of pocket expense was slightly above average.
The atmosphere is loungy and relaxed.
The restrooms were very, very clean, with hightech toilets and all.

Ok, so lets get down to it.

Two levels
Two coin operated pool tables
Menu with a wide variety, a good range of food, even organic stuff, a first for the Seattle bar blog, but I think a little over done for a loungy place
Plenty of seating and I really liked it

More Details...
The parking is easy along Ballard Avenue, on Market Street, or any side street there of.
As soon as I walked in I noticed the very loungey atmosphere, but it wasn't overly done.

To find out about the beer situation, I asked the bartender what beers they had and there was a list too long to mention. I tried two things I hand't before. Beerwise, Amstel Light (never having again), and Pilsner Urquell (will have again, smooth).

There was plenty of seating on the first floor, and most of it was modular, little cushy cubes, perfect for any ass, be it tired, drunk, fat, skinny, wise or smart. Comfyness. Menus were dispersed here and there.

Up on the second floor, after climbing the wide stairs, which were appropriate for drunken stupering, or sober sashaying, I discovered the real meat of this place. A second bar upstairs, yes, that's right, a whole second bar. The two pool tables were up there and seating on either end of the long second level.

The pool tables are coin operated and 75 cents, cheap! And given as it's still fairly new, so is the pool epuipment, so get there before it gets beat up. On the non-pool,end was the bar and the view from the second floor down to Market Street, Ballard Avenue and The Matador.

For a Seattle bar, a little pricey, and no happy hour that I could find. There are plenty of other good bars with happy hours around, so don't fret. I think I'll go back and it is worth you checking out.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

NEW! Keep track of SeattleBarBlog via myspace

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


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Howdy partner, it's time for another crap kickin', hey hawin', boot scootin review!

No, I haven't gone country, I was merely convinced to get off my ass one night and head out to the badlands of Everett.

I didn't see any happy hour and there's no information on the website. So, I'll tell you what I can.

The service was slow at the bar, very slow.
The restrooms were clean, nothing bad there.
The atmosphere is country AND hip hop/r&b club.

The whole nine yards:

There are two seperate dance floors.
The main floor (first floor) is country, all country, 300% country. I felt like I was in the deep south of Texas. There were LOTS of people dancing, and I was almost impressed with it. There's a bar on that level as well. How else do you expect to get a bunch of stanky cowboys to "dance"...alcohol, help men dance since, well...always.

The upstairs floor is a hip hop/r&b/rap theme. It had a bar as well, some seating, a video game, and well, lots and lots of people. The dance steps I observed weren't as impressive, relatively speaking when compared to the country floor. I don't have that much more to say here.

So, if you really, really, really like country music and dancing, well then get yer boots and the scuttle on over. Hip Hoppers would like it too, if you like a more blue collar approach. It's not my scene, so I won't be back.

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Nectar Lounge

More info at my new site,

Visit from Tuesday 2/21/06, 7pm

Here's the Happy Hour:
Days: Everyday! Yep, the weekend too.
Time: 4pm-7pm
Deal: $4 and $6 pitchers, $3 appetizers, $5 pizzas

I know all the presented happy hour info for certain, but I will get more details within the next week, but still, as you can see, it's a good deal.

Folks, if you want variety, this is the place to go! Try to do it on happy hour, or it's going to cost ya. Although even after happy hour, I'd say you can get a couple of beers and something to eat for about $15. Otherwise, you'll find the beer to be $3-$5, cocktails $7-$8 and food (with a few exceptions) $7-$9. More detail below.

The service was slow at the bar. However, once I found my group, the "service" (uhh...drink service) waitress was relatively prompt and courteous.

The restrooms were very clean, and of average size. Nothing nasty there.

The atmosphere was semi-industrial, but enjoyable enough. There was very little seating on the first floor, but the 2nd floor had more seating, a semi private booth-like area and a pool table.

The whole nine yards:
As soon as you walk to the front, you'll see a big smoker's area just outside the building. Yeah for smokers! Go outside and smoke...damn it! It's not 25 feet away from the door, but then again, I don't think anyone is obeying that part of the rule, but I am very thankful for the indoor portion. Ok, ok, more stuff.

I walk in and I noticed the industrial like atmosphere, bar in the back, band to the right, big crowd in front. At the bar, you'll find an assortment of goodies, including Strongbow in a bottle, YES! For those of you that don't know the bow, see my entry about Strongbow. Like I outlined earlier, actually GETTING the Strongbow took forever, but I did get it.

The variety at the bar is as deep as it is wide. There are 11 draft beers to choose from, $3-$5, some are PBR, Miller Lite, Mack and Jack, Alaskan Amber, and Guiness Stout. There are 5 different white and red wines (each), and ports. In a bottle? There are 9, $3-$3.50, you know you want some Red Stripe, Amstel Light, Heineiken or Strongbow, to name a few.

There are 8 specialty Cocktails, ranging from sweet to sour, to bitter to citrus, from $7-$8, a bit on the pricey side. The food has a wide range as well - 7 apps, 5 salads, 7 sandwiches, 10 pizzas and 3 calzones! We the exception of a few salads and apps, the main prices are $7-$9. The exact menu is on their site (link at the bottom).

I walked upstairs to find lots more seating - good, said pool table - good , and said semi private booth, so you've got a variety of options of things to do while you're drinking. Mix with the main floor people, sit at the bar, go deaf to the band, sit upstairs, gawk from upstairs at the people downstairs (perhaps straight down fellas?), play pool, or get cozy with a complete stranger in the booth. It's variety folks, eat and drink it up at this Seattle bar and lounge! Just remember, for the love of all that's holy, IN MODERATION!!!!!!!!

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Monday, March 06, 2006


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I've been to Jillian's several times, so now it's time for an appropriate review.

First and foremost, here's the happy hour details:
Days: Monday-Friday
Time: 5:00PM and ends at 8:00PM
The Deal : $3 Drafts, $3 Wells, and $3 Appetizers

Come on now folks, that's 3 hours of happiness, and the appetizers kick ass, and there are a variety of them. Last I checked, there were boneless buffalo wings, bacon cheddar cheese chips (aka heart attack on a chip) nachos, chicken tenders, cheesy garlic bread, onion rings, wings, spinach and artichoke dip, garlic popcorn shrimp, mozeralla sticks, a combo platter with 6 of the above listed items, and then the ordinary chips and salsa.

The Service can be a bit slow at times.
The Bathrooms are pretty shiney, no complaints there.

As far as the actual billiards goes, the tables I'd say are a bit above average for a Seattle bar. There's also Ping Pong and Darts tucked away in the corner, but it's tons of fun. Before 6, the prices are decent per hour on all the games. On the other hand, it's gets pricey after 6 for all games.

Hey Texas Hold 'em players, just for you on Tuesdays - 2 rounds, one at 6 and the second at 9. There is no cask involved.

For the kinds there's lots of video games, etc on the first floor, tons 'o fun. There's a great deal for those folks on Mondays from 5pm tp 2am. All you can play all of the Video Games you want for just $5! Holy carp, that's cheap!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Great Nabob gets Greater

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Since my last couple of outings, I have a couple of great things to add to the initial review and you can find those details here.

I walked in, saw my people, and then saw even MORE of my people in this new expanded section, and it's awesome. This means more seating, more standing room, more people to gawk at, a tv, and well MORE of whatever you make of it. This pleases The Glen.

I've posted an updated Happy Hour schedule, since the awesome bartender let me snag the menu from the table, thanks! Here's the teaser Mon-Fri 5-8pm, details in the review.

The bartender and the drinks are still as good as ever.
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stay tuned for...

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Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back to my blog and welcome to the newbies!

Stay tuned for new reviews, such as:
Jillian's - DONE!
Nectar - still coming soon, I promise! - DONE!
And an update to the review of The Great Nabob - DONE! The bartender was nice enough to give me a copy of the happy hour menu, so you'll all soon have the crem de la crem of info for this lovely place.

UPDATE - as promsied, the Great Nabob review has been updated with the Happy Hour Schedule.

Stay Tuned!
Oh and hey, drop me some email, comments, suggestions, or whatever! Thanks!
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Monday, February 27, 2006

An experience at The Garage

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The review of The Garage is here.

Hello once again everyone, nice to see ya again. So, I wrote up the review, and now it's time for my overall experience of it.

I drove there right after work to meet up with coworker1 (cw1) and cw1's friends and friends of friends. Lucky for me, I got a parking spot out in front of IHOP, just right out in front if their parking lot. What's that you say? Where else can I park to go there? Well, besides the area on 10th Ave, between East Seneca and East Madison (in front of IHOP - 2hr parking until 6, then free for all), there's metered parking (remember you only need to pay until 6pm) up and down broadway, then miscelaneuos parking on sidestreets and garages.

I got there, didn't get ID'd and said coworker was there with his gang. Isn't it so satisfying for the party you are to meet actually be there? Plus, when they say they will be there first and they actually are? Ok, so anyway...moving on!

Um, bud light please. Coworker grabs the waitress, well doesn't really grab her, but instead, umm politely gets her attention and makes a request for a Budweiser Light. Ya'll like that? Said Bud Light is served to me by a pleasant waitress, oh how pleasant. The drink was very cold, so that's a plus. What's that? She's got a stain on her shirt (between the old you know what's) and it got there because of that other girl's wood? Oh! I see girl1 "accidently" put her pool cue on the other's girl shirt and "accidently" rubbed much blue chalk between her, um er, uh hoohas. Girl2 wasn't all that pissed, since they were friends, but I did oh by chance, happen to get a better look, and I felt much sorrier for Girl2 than I originally did. Enough said? You're right.

Coworker1 and I played pool against a couple of other people who thought they would beat us, but we taught them who's boss, particulary ME, since I sunk the eight ball, but credit must be given to CW1 for sinking almost all of the other balls.

So, yep, I'll back, and soon as a matter of fact. Heck, if you see me and know who I am, come say hi. Lessons learned : parking isn't as bad as it seems, I look at least 21 to some people, girls can give other girls stains with their stick, and I can still sink an eight ball.
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Friday, February 24, 2006

Clever Dunne's

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I don't have that much to say about this place, but a review non the less.

The beer is averaged priced, and the kitchen has pretty limited hours. I understand they have a trivia night and live music on other nights.

I didn't find the service all that good. I mean four of us sat at a table and were never once waited on. Ordering from the bar itself was pretty easy and the beer tasted good.

I was able to spy a dart board, but it was lumpy and just kind of creeped me out. Oh, and let me say this. The bathroom is filthy, smelly and overall disgusting.

My group won't be returning. The best thing about this place is the outside of it, sorry to say.

More info at my new site,

The Garage

More info at my new site,

Ok, so the Garage, they've got pool and billiards.

As of 2/22/2005.
First words of advice, it you want to bowl, call ahead of time. If you really, really, really, really want to bowl call a few days in advance. It's a decently fun place, lots of room. The beer is always cold, and the drinks could be stronger and are very average Seattle priced - around $6 and up for mixed, and $3 and up for beers. The waitresses are rather pleasing to the eye. So, if you like pool or bolwing, or both (like me), then this place is worth checking out. Usually a good amount of women, although most of them are well; a bit snotty, but hey, that's just a gross generalization, or course....of COURSE. Now for the good stuff:

The happy hour is everyday (Saturday and Sunday included) is 3pm-7pm.
This features $10/hour bowling, $5/hour pool, $3 wells and $2.50 pints.

On Sundays, it's ladies night, so all you ladies, God bless ya, you get half price pool and $10/hour bowling all night.

On Mondays (both genders), it's $5/hour pool all night and $10/hour bowling all night.
The activites on the rest of the nights vary, so check the website. The rules about the bowling prices and reservations get weird. So, if you haven't reserved a lane and it's not happy hour, CALL!

Dinner Food - 5-10pm Sun-TH, 5-11 Fri/Sat. Bar - 4-12 Sun-TH, 4-1 Fri/Sat.

The Bar Menu (4-12 M-F, 4-1 Sat/Sun) has a decent variety - pizza, burges, sandwickes, dips, chicken, hummus, fries, etc.

Hey, if you happen to use one sport's equipment to play to other, please send a pic and I will post it here. That would be cool.

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Old Peculiar Update

More info at my new site,

The Old Peculiar Review is here. *Updated!*

I've update the review because of my latest experience there. The review has all the info, so here's merely a sneak peek:

Tuesday, Thursday (1st oen of every month), Saturday and Sunday all have set events.

The Happy Hour menu is also updated, it's everyday, yes! Even Saturday and Sunday!
The hours of this happiness are 4pm-6pm and 10pm-12pm.
And what does this happiness include? Great good, great price, good variety, so please read the review for the menu.

Ok, there it is folks. Go there, eat drink, throw darts and be very very Merry!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

An experience at The Triangle Lounge

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The review of The Triangle Lounge is here.

Not that I don't like that place, but I didn't think I'd be there anytime soon. But, the kickballers decided to meet there after kickball for drinks and general buffoonery. I'm in.

This time, it was interesting. We were to meet there at 5:45, and I got there at about 5:50. I check the restaurant side, no kb's, I check the bar side, no kb's. However, this was a chance to review the menu, and specials, etc. About 10 minutes go bye and no in showing. Did I miss something? A few minutes later, a girl looking like she was looking for people gandered just like I did and sat at the bar, at the far end. I thought she might be from the group, but I didn't recognize her.

Minutes are passing, precious drinking minutes, happy hour minutes, they're all ticking away. Then finally, someone I know comes in the door, and says, oh you don't recognize her? Yeah, she's with us. And so the imbibing can begin, oh how waited for this moment.

The bartender was nice, yes indeed, right nice. More people staring showing up and we slowly took over the area. I got the wings, very tasty and tangy, more honey than spice, but good. Now, the best part is I was the muddiest from the kickball game, so that earned me a free drink. I met a nice couple that was new to the group, and one was from the UK, then PA. His female counterpart was PA only. He exchanged tales of work and stuff. He was from the steel industry, didn't want it anymore, had two phone interviews with Boeing, and was hired, and now, who knew he'd be sitting with the finest kick ball players in town, AND next to me, lucky chap.

A little more beer flowed, as did food, but alas, I had to cut out early.

Lessons learned : People just may be EXACTLY who they seem, honey wings CAN be good, not all British people have bad teeth, and Bud Light is still the king of light beers. Thanks and happy blarrin'.
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Monday, February 20, 2006

A musical experience at the Old Peculiar

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The review of Old Peculiar is here.

The music is getting closer? - The experience from 2/17/05

I was hungry, so we headed out in the frigid weather to the The Yankee Diner. Ah, the Yankee diner. A club sandwich for me, and meatloaf for my partner in crime and off to the Old Peculiar.

We walk in there and like second nature, the pitcher of Strongbow is ordered, the darts are setup and we're a'drinking' and a'throwin'.

The Strongbow was icey cold, just the way to serve it. We played darts where I perfectly won a round of 301, then lost 2 rounds of cricket, but not by too much.

Now, it gets interesting. After rounds of AC/DC and Van Halen and various assorted rock tunes, I hear a bag pipe. Hmm, never heard that come out of a juke box. I throw a dart. Hmm, that's getting louder. A look of puzzlement strikes my face and I stop throwing and stop drinking...what? The music gets closer and louder and next thing I know a bag piper in full out garb is marching around the place playing the bag pipe and I'll be damned, I've never seen anything as random as that! I mean, I was like, what's next, leprachans? Migits? A horse? Someone looking for their lucky charms?

So, yeah that was fun. One thing I want to know is, was he wearing the kilt in traditional form? I mean, God forbid he had to bend over and...HELLO NEIGHBOR! Uhhh, well, this IS Seattle. I did get more info on the Old Peculiar Happy Hour, which I will post within 24 hours in the review.

Thanks for reading, and happy day to all.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

An experience at The People's Pub

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The Review of The People's Pub is here.

This took place after the Smoking Ban was put into place and I could finally breath, see, smell and taste properly, not to mention decrease my chances of getting heart disease, cancer, etc...

It started out as it always does, we get a two-man table and right away get a pitcher of Strongbow, of course. The place was very busy that night and it took a bit to get our food, but that only gave us time enough to order a second pitcher of the good stuff, aka Strongbow.

As the conversation drifted between women, work, old friends, and jackasses, the bar really picked up and an older gentleman sat at the closest bar seat to our table - ok not a problem. But, he was all figity and seemed kind of grumpy. I guess that's to be expected when you're old and in a bar by yourself.

To the table ahead there were two guys and two girls, but from seperated parties and were not associating with each other. I thought to myself, that guy ought to introduce himself. As if my vibes and thoughts transcended over the room, the two started talking and the girl seemed really interested. I didn't see a number exchange, but that easily could have happened after what seemed like a good conversationg between the two. Take note guys, talk talk talk, get number, sleep eat, repeat.

The food finally came, and the waitress had a southern twang, a nice touch. And then Tom reached for the ketchup and as I'm in my own bratwurst world, the ketchup evidently explodes. He explains this to the waitress, and evidently this is a slightly common thing. It has something to do with when they refill the ketchup. Isn't that odd? What out next time.

All the food and drink was good as usual. Lessons learned : smoking ban = more business, old bar men are cranky, get the number, southern twangs will get you a good tip, and watch out for the ketchup.
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Places that serve Strongbow :)

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My favorite beer alternative is Strongbow Apple Cider. I can hardly do it justice except to say, try some! Besides, it has high levels of antioxidants - the same amount of antioxidants as a glass of red wine. You know what that means? It protect against diseases, such as those types of cellular damage that can lead to cancer and cardiovascular problems. But please, drink in moderation.

A little history. Strongbow is evidently made by Bulmers who also makes "Scrumpy Jack" and "Woodpecker". I will let you know if I find and more importantly tastes these delectible treats. In the meantime, here are some places where you, faithful reader can enjoy some lovely, smooth, crisp and refreshing StrongBow Apple Cider.


The People's Pub
The Old Peculiar
The Old Town Ale House
The Lock and Keel

Ballard Fred Meyer - 20oz cans (4 pack)
Univeristy Village QFC - 12oz bottle (6 pack)
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Friday, February 10, 2006


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The happy hour is M-F 3-6pm. What they don't have published, is they have a late nite happy hour too. Now, this Seattle Bar may not have it on the weekend, but last I checked the late nite happy hour is from 10pm-12am.

First VERY cool thing about this place is they have a great dim sum. Now, it's not that annoying traditional dim sum with crazy people push carts around at 50mph in every way flinging baby bok choy at ya before you have a chance to say, "me full", or "me no want". This dim sum is order from a menu, and EVERYTHING is awesome. They even have a plate called ASSORTED PLEASURES and it's great, for only $7.95, and it has about5 different things, and they are all good.

The other apps during happy hour are a dollar off, some of them are diced chicken (or vegetarian) with lettuce wraps, chicken wings, potstickers, dumplings, shrimp and salmon dumplings (two seperate items) and so so so many more. Veg, fish, beef (moo) and chicken (bock bock bock) - they're all there. There are priced from $5-$7, and don't forget a dollar off for happy hour.

The drinks are varied in selection, including wells and wine, the wells are on special for happy hour as well, and they vary, but they are always there. They are average price and less, certainly not more. I've also been there for lunch and dinner and absolutely recommend both - KUNG PAO CHICKEN, HOT SZECHWAN BEEF, and SHRIMP WITH GARLIC SAUCE just to name a few.

So go my friends. Have a great time.

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The Triangle Lounge

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First off, this Seattle Happy Hour is M-F 3-6pm, and Wednesday 3pm-12am. I've heard a rumor of a late nite happy hour, but since I have not confirmed it, I'm not going to speculate.

The happy hour food is a good smattering, and I got away with wings and a beer for under $7, that's what I'm talking about!

The BAR side gets really busy at night, and redefines busy on the warm night, even with the outdoor seating. During those warm times, they open the huge window in the front and you can sip your beer, martini, soda, well or what you while taking in the busy street in front of you, or scope out the peeps walking in and out of the taco place across the street. If your anything like me you'll reminisce about the days where a triangle was merely a shape in geometry class, and now is a place where you can get drunk and eat, ah how your life has changed.

The restaurant side is pretty cool too, a good menu, typical Seattle prices, although I've scene higher. The atmosphere is nice too, on the white collar side, but comfortable, so bring a friend or two or three, or just the imaginary friend in your eyebrow. Oh, and before I fly on our of here, don't forget the wings! Until we meet again.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Send me comments Directly - Survey

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Please fill out my short survey.
What do you like better?
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

An experience at Thai Ku

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Review of Thai Ku is here.

That was different.

What's that? They're having an orgy in the basement? What?
That's right, that's the biggest memory I have of the last time I was there with some folks. There was a seat for me, good. The guy to my right, fellow kickballer was pretty funny, luckily, but the girl to my left (friend of his) laughed at everything and anything. That got old quick.

Guy to my right told a funny story about a Russian friend of his who, lets just say had a certain ailment that with the Russian accent would be "erpes". So, he told the story like this. They were in a class together and the guy was like, dude, you have that! He's like what? Erpes? What is wrong wit these erpes? Iz just erpes, I don't see the big deal of these erpes. Now, I can't get this crap out of my head, thanks.

A guy across from me looked and acted like a guy I knew in HS, high as a kite and kind of weird looking, I thought I left that behind in the 12th grade?

Getting back to mystery girl to my left, I was wondering about her high energy level and high laugh to breathing ratio. I asked her, "how many have you had to drink tonight", to which she replied, "why". Isn't that so typical of a woman? Yes? Thanks. I said, I just go there and didn't know how much drinking had lapsed. Evidently only 2 drinks, but oh yeah she remembered she had "smoked a little" EEhem. Evidently, it "works" for her. Isn't that nice? People of Earth, stop self medicating!

Other choice experts from that night are "camel toe", "do I have a camel toe", "no, you only have half a camel toe", "I want kids", "I just need a donor" "erpes" and "check please!"

Ok, now I never went downstairs to check out this so called orgy, but the word was it was an old opium den with place to lay down and ther was a pile of six people doing something. I did wonder about this and dind't come to any conclusions. I will let you all know what I find, as I'll go back and check it out.
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An experience at Lock and Keel

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The review of Lock and Keel is here.

This was really the last place I wanted to end up, but being with a group of better than half drunks, the majority rules.

But first, I suggested some of my early favorites, but to no avail. The Matador was crowded, The People's Pub was crowded, so we ferried on down to the Lock and Keel.

We walk in and first thing, I'm carded, that was random. It was right at the door, I mean really, this is a low brow blue collar kind of eehhhhh place...carding at the door? Please. Breathing annnnnd moving on.

So I poke around like a lost prairy dog along with a couple of other guys. We get to the end of the bar and wait and wait (repeat 10 times) and I leave them I discover the rest of the crew taking over a table like some kind of lab created bacteria, but it worked...99%. Ya see, it's just like with most bacterias, or cures, they work most of the time. What was left? A guy and a girl, the guy looking less desirable, same for the woman = match made in heaven, aw aint that...uh, no, not on this blog.

We take our seats and then a rare occurence, I don't really feel like a drink, mainly because I'm not feeling the crowd, the bar or the company. Now, don't get me wrong, they are good people, but I'm the relative newbie, and some are just not on my wavelength, and they were all pretty much drunk and I wasn't.

I got to the bar because everyone was in their own world, so I might as well be in mine. Oh my God, there is a strongbow tap. HELLO! Pint of Strongbow please! Friggin sweet. The bartender informed me he would have to charge $1 for a less than $10 bar purchase, I said alright. The kid was friendly and upbeat and so was the other 'tender. He handed me the bill and he said he didn't charge me and I said, "Thanks, chief"!

I sat back down, everyone was still in their own place, blah blah blah. Bottom line, I was able to enjoy one of my favorite drinks which made it pleasant. Now, on to bigger and better things, faithful reader.
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Monday, February 06, 2006

Lock and Keel

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Lock and Keel

The very first thing that comes to mind is they have the coveted "Strong Bow". That was about the end of the good news for me with this place. Maybe you'll think different.

It was a little too blue collar for me, a pretty gritty crowd. But, if that's how you like it, then have at it. The pint was $3.75, I'd say pretty average for non happy hour at a Seattle bar.

There are two pool tables, pretty busy, I'd say. Mind you, this was on the Eve of Super Bowl Sunday. There's an elevated table in the back, up about 4 stairs and has its own banister, I guess you can get good and drunk and not fall off the platform. The bartenders were pretty nice for being busy.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this place does not serve food, so that's a minus in my book. It was pretty noisy, and the seating was less than average for comfort. So, if you like blue collar, and you're a member of a devil's brigade, go for it. If you're the average bar goer just looking for another place to go, go somewhere else. You can find plenty better here :)

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